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            • Very quick and easy installation
            • After initial setup and configuration the tool is highly automated
            • Multiple pricing and licensing options to suit your particular requirements
            • User Tutorials available
            • Allows the user to manage social media accounts and marketing campaigns over 6 different platforms


            • Does not support Youtube or Pinterest yet

            Social daddy review

            Here we are taking a look at a brand new multi-platform social media management tool.

            If social media is part of your online marketing strategy, then the ability to post, update profiles, send messages and even interlink each social media platform using a single tool is always going to be something of serious interest to you – and this is exactly what Social Daddy is all about. Read on for our detailed Social Daddy review and to see if the product is for you.

            Social Daddy Review

            Social Daddy Download

            What is Social Daddy?

            As most successful Internet Marketers know, managing a wide range of social accounts is not only time consuming, but it can also be a nightmare to keep track of all your updates, posts and replies. Many marketers turn to social media managers to help keep on top of this, however with this tool you’ll be able to manage everything from one place, saving you a huge amount of time and money. The tool has numerous integrated automation settings, you can simply just set your posting preferences and it will take care of the rest. Keep reading our review of Social Daddy below to see which services you can manage and how to set things up.

            The tool has been designed to make multi-platform social media management as easy as possible, it’s main purpose obviously is the great ability to manage multiple social media accounts across multiple platforms, however another huge part of the product is an over the shoulder look at how to increase the profits from the social media marketing side of your business. It is an impressive product and really does boast a quality, easy to navigate interface, the Social Daddy Download setup wizard makes installation a breeze too, it’s easy to see the developers have designed the tool with the user at the forefront of their minds, a refreshing change considering some of the other platforms on the market which can often take quite a while to get your head around.

            The tool offers easy management for 6 different social media sites. These include Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and WordPress. Each site offers it’s own unique way of updating your account and getting the word out about your brand and services. When operating multiple social media platforms it can be really time consuming logging into each site, remembering passwords and then navigating around the site to post, reply and update etc so if you choose to download Social Daddy, you should find your workload halved or better if you decide to setup the integrated automation tools.

            Lets dive in and see what this thing can do:

            Facebook Management 

            We all know Facebook is the daddy of the social media platforms, the opportunities to reach out and grow your brand and promote your products and services to millions of potential customers on Facebook are endless, especially with things such as Facebook ads and Shopify booming right now:

            • Respond to your clients queries and questions through the built-in Facebook chat messenger tool
            • Receive real time messages and replies on your business pages, enabling you to respond immediately to give your customers a better experience
            • Auto-post to your profile or Facebook page
            • Setup a Facebook page with a click of a button
            • Mass post to reach out to all your page fans in one go
            • Cross platform posting to other social media networks
            • Group campaign set up with 1 click
            Easy Tweeting

            The other social media elephant in the room is Twitter. No other platform really comes close to Twitter in the ability to reach so many people so quickly and regularly.  A few ways the tool can help with your Twitter accounts:

            • Manage your Twitter accounts  
            • Generate new leads with the integrated Twitter Prospector
            • Mass reply to private messages
            • Use the integrated Slack Bot to auto-respond to your teams queries
            • Receive tweets real-time
            • Automated tweets at set times
            • Setup retweet campaigns

            Social Daddy

            Instagram – The World’s Biggest Social Media Mobile Platform

            Instagram is quickly becoming one of the biggest and best platforms to promote your business and services to the masses. With over 350 million daily users (and growing) it’s easy to see why. Instagram is simply a must have social platform for any serious digital marketer, especially for the visual and photographic side of things. The software can:

            • Reply to any messages instantly
            • Scheduled auto posting
            • Auto post across platforms
            • Manage page with one click
            Linkedin, Tumblr And WordPress Management

            The other 3 services that can be auto-managed if you action the Social Daddy download and set it to your local device are LinkedIn, Tumblr and WordPress. Although these 3 are not as big as the aforementioned sites, they’re probably the biggest services out there for what they were primarily set up to do, so it’s important to have these major platforms on the tool. Below are just a few things you can manage from the interface:

            • Receive and reply to messages instantly from your LinkedIn profile
            • View, write, post or reply to messages within your WordPress platform
            • Real-time notifications from all 6 social media accounts
            • Scheduled posting on all accounts
            • One click page setups

            Social Media Manager


            This is an excellent feature of the tool and is going to appeal to entrepreneurs and digital marketing agencies who either already provide social media management services, or who aspire to do so by starting this up as a new business, or incorporating it into their existing one. It is basically an integrated combo-pack consisting of software, website and content, giving you everything you should need to hit the ground running. The software gives you the technical back-end to manage multiple social media accounts across multiple platforms, while the website and content will help you to establish your business as an authority and also help you to market your services and convert potential clients into paying customers.

            On average Social Media Managers make over $50k per year so it’s easy to see why it’s so many peoples dream job, however entrepreneurs who start their own businesses (usually just as sole traders) often earn much, much more than this. Most Social Media Managers and Digital Marketing Agencies would have platforms like this one custom made for them at huge expense, so one of the real benefits of this kit is the potential saving, you can easily edit the content and website to your business name and design and you are ready to go. It consists of:

            • Professionally designed social media agency website – SEO optimised and fully responsive
            • 3 lead magnets
            • Multiple modifiable reports to present to clients, designed to boost your authority within the industry
            • Guide on how to gain new clients, and revive old ones
            • Editable professionally written articles to use as content
            • Info-graphics pack
            • Facebook Live guide
            • Sales Presentation Video for your business
            • Business proposal letter

            If you are thinking of starting a Social Media Management business or want to add it to your existing service offering then the consultant kit is something to seriously consider, an all in one pack to get your new business off the ground and making money.

            Social Daddy Scam?

            Is Social Daddy a scam? Well it definitely IS NOT, and that’s a fact. Everything we have stated above is really achievable with a couple of clicks after initial setup. 

            • $27 Per Month Subscription
            • $97 Consultant Kit
            • $247 Agency License
            • $147 Yearly Subscription
            • $97 Coaching Programme

            If you are a “one man band” looking to manage your social media accounts all in one place, we would suggest opting for the annual subscription as you will save yourself around 100 bucks compared to the monthly payments.

            If you are an agency that manages lots of different clients accounts, then the Agency license would be the best option. All training programmes are optional, although we would advise opting for the one-off training so that you are familiar with everything the tool can do for you.

            Our Final Say  

            So, here we are at the end of our Social Daddy Review. As you have probably figured out by now, if you have multiple social media accounts and/or WordPress websites, it makes perfect sense to invest in the product. There are so many different features and settings that are designed to make your social media marketing campaigns as stress-free as possible, also it’s super easy to navigate and setup. The only downside that we can see if the fact it doesn’t have a few other social media powerhouses such as, Pinterest and Youtube activated, but you can be sure that the team will be looking to implement them in the near future. The bottom line is this – If your business runs social media campaigns over more than a single platform, then Social Daddy is simply a must-have tool.

            Social Daddy Download

            Social Daddy Review

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